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Ketoh Taliwood by Fade-Away-Requiem
Ketoh Taliwood
Name: Ketoh Taliwood 
Age: early 20’s
Species: Demon
Weapon: Recurve Bow + arrows 
Rank: Serpent
Class: Entry Level

Personality: Ketoh is, first and foremost, extremely rude. She’s brash, arrogant, and very aggressive. When push comes to shove, Ketoh is doing both to someone who probably doesn’t deserve it. Definitely a “shoot first, ask questions, shoot again to get your point across” kind of a girl. She’ll open a conversation with an insult, and it all goes downhill from there.

Ketoh has very little respect for authority. She'll do as she's told, probably with a bit of snark, with a sarcastic smile that'll go away as soon as the other person's turned their back. It's usually easier to bribe her than give her a direct order. The best way to get her attention is to buy it with gold, but even that won’t still her cruel tongue. She doesn’t play nicely with others and much prefers to be on her own, doing her own thing under her own rules. The only time she will tolerate at least the idea of cooperating is when she’s striking a deal with someone.

The two big loves of her life are hunting and gold. She’ll hunt pretty much anything: animals, humans, angels - as long as the price is right. And with the reward money, she’ll buy gold. To really get her attention, offer gold for a hunt.

She’s got some pretty major anger issues, but the last person who told her to seek out anger management got an arrow in their throat.

Bio: Ketoh was born late 1820’s, to a Navajo tribe in North America. She grew up with two older brothers and a younger sister in a large, peaceful tribe. When she was just on the cusp of womanhood, a peace treaty was attempted between American Settlers and her tribe, which was not honoured by either side.

Many times, Ketoh went with one of her brothers and a few of the other young men of her tribe, to steal livestock from the settlers. Normally it was a simple and easy excursion, but the one time she went with one of her younger sisters, everything went wrong. On their way home they were ambushed by a military troupe; Ketoh and her sister were forced to watch the execution of their older brother when he tried to fight back. Ketoh and Sister were given to Slave Traders when the group was returned to the town they had been stealing sheep from.

After a month in captivity, Ketoh traded her soul to a demon for the freedom of her sister. Ketoh was sold to a factory, weaving cloth. For two long years Ketoh was enslaved, facing harsh punishments for her rebellious nature. Her spitfire heart was almost doused, the desire for revenge and freedom stamped and nearly buried.

Ketoh found herself in a slave auction, and saw her sister there yet again. Her soul had been traded for one time freedom, and hadn’t protected the younger girl from a second capture. With nothing left to trade, Ketoh strangled her sister to death out of desperation, not wanting the younger girl to face a life of slavery. She attacked the slaver who tried to stop her, and was executed for it on the spot.

Adjusting to life as a demon was difficult for her, and it took a few decades for her to really reintegrate into society. At first, it was just more foreign rule that she felt shouldn't have anything to do with her. It was rules and guidelines, and subjugation of people who in her opinion, didn't entirely deserve it. She was on the winning side, but this was exactly what the Americans had done to her people. It made her feel sick and conflicted, but this was what she got for her contract. 

She spent a few years trying to track down her sister too, but after a century passed, Ketoh had to give up on seeing her old family. They were long dead, and she didn't know about her other siblings, but at least her sister hadn't lived in slavery. Some nights she'd dream about her sister, and dream about what she'd done, and Ketoh would wake up feeling panicked. On her own, she went out in the wastelands and held a funeral rite for the long departed in hopes that it would ease her dreams and her conscience, but the fact that she'd murdered someone of her own blood conflicted with the belief that she had freed her sister from a future of pain. The nightmares continue, not super frequently, but often enough that they contribute to her general bad mood.

Appearance: As a demon, Ketoh is a little taller than her previous human self at a respectable 5’9”. Weighing in at 175 lbs, most of that is lean muscle and she carries very little excess fat on her body. Ketoh’s hair is golden and short on top, with the back long and generally braided. Her eyes are small and dark, green-ringed with dark nearly black centers. Her pointed ears are pierced with hoops, two one one side and one on the other.

-Loves bitter drinks, like lemonade and tea
-Prefers a mostly meat-based diet, especially if it's something she's hunted herself
-Still struggles with a lot of technology and prefers traditional methods
-Refuses to drive a vehicle, cars are scary

Lineart by Me
Colouring by ever-so-nitro


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: Angry
Operating System: Windows 8
MP3 player of choice: Ipoop

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